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The Chief Technology Officer is the most important technology role your organisation will have. The role is also a conduit for communications between the business and technology functions of each company.

Your CTO should be a person that understands business strategy and the context of your business and have the right technical grasp of people, processes, systems and nuances of the latest technologies.

We can also help startups find the right technical talent by assisting in the interview process.

Ganemo Group is well positioned to be your Virtual CTO providing strategic technology advice to help with rapid growth and sustainability. We can scale up with your business to ensure you receive the right type of support to ensure optimal outcomes.

With us on your side, technology will never be a black box to you again. We will help ensure that technology drives your startup from strength to strength, and proactively offers suggestions and solutions that enhance the business offerings of your startup.

Dedicated CTO

We will pair you with a Dedicated CTO to provide you strategic advice. Whether you are building consumer or enterprise products; or want to partner with corporates or raise funding, our experienced CTO will help you navigate to the appropriate technology and solution.

Technology Review and Recommendations

We can assist with technology advice to optimise your IT infrastructure, develop your team and make the right technology decisions to grow your business and save costs:

  • Review and recommend Architecture improvements
  • Review and recommend Infrastructure improvements
  • Recommend development processes & Quality standards
  • Assist with Interviews and up-skilling of teams
  • Business analysis and strategic technology advice
  • Suggest technology & tools

Assistance with Technology Budgeting and Forecasting

There are many hidden costs and optimisations to be made when deploying and managing a solution. We can assist by:

  • Recommending services that deliver strong value for cost based on business needs
  • Review existing expenses on technology and ensure there is minimal wastage
  • Suggest strategies to manage teams, including roles and when to grow or shrink the technology team
  • Provide recommendations between data centers and cloud solutions based on costs and requirements

To ensure that the technology budget is understood and has minimal surprises we can help plan and forecast the technology cost footprint for the year and monitor ongoing costs


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Note: To take advantage of our Virtual CTO offering, you will need to have engaged us on a Tech Audit first as a review of your systems and technologies is required for us to be able to offer support towards the vision of your organisation.