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Are you struggling with your current tech with implementation taking too long, or being too buggy? Are you struggling with the current team or perhaps are unsure if your current tech stack can see you to the next phase of growth? Or, are you simply going for raising funds and want to be sure where you stand on the technology and how investors are likely to view it?

As part of our Tech Audit we will review your infrastructure, architecture, code, development practices, testing methodologies, security and tools; along with related people and processes. We will also capture your vision for the future and analyse the suitability of current technology and infrastructure stacks in place. The final audit report, which is separate to the requirements report, will explain the current system, highlight potential issues and suggest solutions and future architecture and technologies that should be used to achieve your business goals.

Technology Audit

We have designed a technology audit package to suit the various types and stages of business. A Snapshot package is typically for companies that have between 1-3 developers focused on one product offering. A Detailed review is optimal for companies that need more detailed analysis of their tech bottlenecks and growth limitations, and the High Growth package is recommended for organisations whose products are in high demand, and they need their teams and technologies to accelerate with the fast pace of business.

We look at this item to the depth required to provide recommendations
High Level We do a cursory glance over this item to check for any major red flags
Not checked as part of the package
Technology Audit Snapshot Detailed High Growth

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Business Analysis We understand your current pain points and future business goals
Technology Stack Languages
Application Architecture Front End
Server Side
Mobile Applications
API’s High Level
Performance and Scalability High Level
Code Assessment Coding Style High Level
Maintainability High Level
Database Assessment Data Schema / Design High Level
Data Structure
Integrity High Level
Data Volume High Level
Performance High Level
Development Process Current Process Assessment
Task Management / Allocation
Agile Assessment
Productivity High Level
Estimation and Requirements Process Review High Level
Code Base Management
Quality Control
Building and Deployment High Level
Documentation and Knowledge Base
Documentation Wiki knowledge centre
Application Documentation
Infrasturcutre Documentation
Specifications up to date High Level
Technical Employee Onboarding High Level
Company Processes
Tools, Software and Services Utilised Uptime Monitoring
Performance Monitoring
Issue Management
Version Control
Continuous Integration
Infrastructure Architecture Hosting
Network Setup
Server Setup
Performance and Scalability High Level
Backup and Recovery Backup Policies
Backup Automation
Actual Backup / Restore Test
High Level Security SSL Cert Check
Server Access
Code Assessment
Application Access
Infrastructure Security High Level
Team Assessment Team Structure
Identify Key Roles
Interviews with each developer High Level
Developer Profiles
Roles and Responsibilities
Ownership and Access Domain Ownership
System Access
Codebase Access
Testing Unit Testing High Level
Integration Testing
Regression Testing High Level
Functional Testing High Level
User Acceptance Testing
Cost Assessment Infrastructure Cost
Team Cost
Tools / Services Cost
Issues / Risk Summary We will list all the issues / risks noted during the above assessment steps
Recommendations We will provide a list of recommendations to ensure the technology can cater to the business vision
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