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For startups and fast growing companies, getting the cultural or skills bit wrong can spell the end for them. No one is better at determining cultural fit than you but when it comes to skills, many startups struggle to identify if an interview candidate has the required technical skills to deliver the next stage of their product, let alone their overall vision.

Ganemo Group has helped numerous startups validate the technical capability of candidates for positions ranging from senior developer to CTOs. We are often engaged after initial interviews i.e. after the shortlist is completed and it’s time to validate technical capabilities. We help determine if candidates understand the technology stack required for the product and their familiarity with rapid iterative development methodologies.

We suss out their technical problem solving skills; while no candidate knows it all, what’s critical is their ability to adapt technologies quickly to produce results.

If you would like to verify the tech credentials of a potential CTO/senior developer,  contact us and we would be delighted to help you with the interview process.

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