Have you got a brilliant idea or solution, but don’t know how to progress as you might not have a technologist on your team? Ganemo Group specialises in capturing your idea and documenting it in a requirements documenting and giving a clear path forward for execution.

We are privileged to have worked across many industries and technologies and will bring out varied and deep experience to workshops we do with you as we document your idea.

How we do it:

  1. Initial Workshop (3 Hours)
  2. Research & documentation
  3. Draft Requirements
  4. Requirements Review (2 Hours)
  5. Final Requirements
  6. Sign Off

The requirements document/report produced is your IP. You are free to send it to any developer you wish to get a quote from. We will also provide you with a cost/time quote for the development of your product.

Our development is supported by regular communication, traffic light reports (including Gantt charts) and work in progress meetings).


You can download a sample of a requirements document here. This document will indicate how we capture your vision and document it. Of course, given our variety and depth of experience, we work with you in the workshops to ensure that you are aware of the latest technologies, solutions and methods one could use to enhance the idea further while ensuring that the timeframe and cost of the development remains within startup constraints.

Download Sample

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Time Taken: Approximately 2 weeks