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Your Virtual CTO

The Chief Technology Officer is the most important technology role your organisation will have. The role is also a conduit for communications between the business and technology functions of each company.

Your CTO should be a person that understands business strategy and the context of your business and have the right technical grasp of people, processes, systems and nuances of the latest technologies.

We can also help startups find the right technical talent by assisting in the interview process.

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Have you got a brilliant idea or solution, but don’t know how to progress as you might not have a technologist on your team? Ganemo Group specialises in capturing your idea and documenting it in a requirements documenting and giving a clear path forward for execution.

We are privileged to have worked across many industries and technologies and will bring out varied and deep experience to workshops we do with you as we document your idea.

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Tech Audit

Are you struggling with your current tech with implementation taking too long, or being too buggy? Are you struggling with the current team or perhaps are unsure if your current tech stack can see you to the next phase of growth? Or, are you simply going for raising funds and want to be sure where you stand on the technology and how investors are likely to view it?

As part of our Tech Audit we will review your infrastructure, architecture, code, development practices, testing methodologies, security and tools; along with related people and processes.

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In any startup, speed is of the essence without a compromise on quality. Scalability and flexibility are of paramount concern as the product vision itself is quickly iterating. With us being a 100% local, we work closely with you to understand your vision and strategic and tactical goals to deliver the technology solution you want.

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Interview as a Service (IaaS)

Finding technologists can be hard. Are they hands on? Can they develop quick, and are they full stack? Are they any good? Those are just some of the questions a founder must validate prior to partnering with someone. In a startup or growing firm, you need to recruit for cultural fit and skill – getting either of them wrong can mean the end of the company. This is where we can help…

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