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Our Clients

Ganemo Group are extremely diligent, knowledgeable and pragmatic in working towards project execution. Abhinov and his team have an intrinsic ability to quickly immerse themselves within a project, where they become part of your team and work very hard to understand business objectives in a holistic manner. During launch phase of our project, Ganemo ensured that we had all available resources at our disposal to ensure a smooth transition from testing to production. It has been a pleasure to work with the Ganemo team for the past couple of years.
Alan Gorry, Head, Digital Ventures, iQ Group
Their ongoing system maintenance, problem solving capability and risk mitigation efforts has allowed our business to continue to run smoothly and with minimal downtime.
Hans De Haas, Pacific Magazines
Ganemo have been great to work with. Abhinov and Hari work hard to understand our customer, product and business requirements and the team are able to design and implement solutions under time pressure, while seamlessly fitting in with our small team and our workflow.
Alex Badran, Spriggy
Putting together any cloud development can be challenging, especially if you don’t have a strong software development background. We shared our idea with four technology developers before we found GANEMO and are glad we were so selective. We have been working with GANEMO for nearly 2 years and are very proud of the amazing working relationship we have with them. Their design and development processes are excellent, using leading edge technology and creative problem-solving to produce a high level product. Their integrity, willingness to listen and readiness to go the extra mile has meant we have been able to work together as a very effective team. We highly recommend them for the quality of their work, their solid communication with us as clients and for being such straight-up good people!
Mike Krause, Founder CEO, P2PAgri P/L

Case Studies

House Rules

House Rules is the official mobile app for the wildly popular TV show called “House Rules” watched by more than a million highly engaged viewers. The producer for the show realised that the technology around the TV show needed to be immaculate, and capable of scaling very quickly as high engagement during the airing of program was expected.

We were approached by the Pacific Magazines technology team as expert developers to deliver the iOS and Android apps. We delivered both native apps in record time, with a scaling strategy that meant that during the airing of the TV show, the architecture could be dynamically scaled up to cater for hundreds of thousands of people concurrently viewing the content on the app and playing around with the very rich, interactive interface, designing their own mood boards around how they wanted to build or refurbish their homes. As the apps were going to be used by millions of people, testing for all top devices was paramount as well.

Ganemo was honoured for it’s excellence in delivery and support by being given numerous other large data projects to look after for Pacific Magazines and Channel 7.


Asasha was the brainchild of Pfizer, Prehype and Flaxworks. Asasha is a mobile application that facilitates real-time chat between local Aussie doctors and patients. Research showed that there are many people that need medical attention but fail to seek it – often times because they are either to frail to visit a doctor, or too busy, often as a younger professional; and having to wait hours at the medical centre deterred many from getting advice around their issues.

Asasha bridged the gap of communication by facilitating not only real-time chat, but also sick notes and prescriptions delivered electronically (and snail mailed) to the patient.

The app was finding very positive feedback amongst the user base during trials.

Alpha Vet Tech

Alpha Vet Tech (AlphaVT) is developing a business around wireless monitoring of pets pre-op and post-op. Jeremy (the founder of AlphaVT) comes from a medical devices (for humans) background and wanted to apply the learnings towards the vet industry.

Jeremy discovered that PulseOx monitors that vets used were ridden with issues as pets often chewed through the cables or tore the leads away. There was also no way for the vets to monitor the pets in real time whilst they were moving about post operation.

Jeremy engaged Ganemo Group to develop the software to integrate with the custom hardware he had made (a collar and tail piece) that wirelessly transmits pulse-ox readings to a receiver.

Ganemo Group successfully developed software that integrated with the hardware devices. Ganemo also developed software to give the vets a real-time reading of the readings of pets.


P2P Agri one of Australia’s leading farm training and advisory services, providing farm business management support, training and consulting to Australia’s agricultural and agri-business industries. The company was started by Mike Krause, a Farm Business Management consultant with over 30 years’ experience working with farmers, viticulturists, pastoralists and agri-business. He likens his ability to an accountant, but he helps farmers to improve profits rather than minimise tax!

Ganemo Group won the bid to lead the product development of the project and worked with the team in Adelaide through an intensive discovery process to work through market and technology issues that farmers and their advisors and accountants were facing. Ganemo then went on to develop the full technology solution for P2P Agri.